AED Joins Prince George’s County and Corvias In The Clean Water Partnership

AED, Inc. joins a first of its kind public/private partnership

download-the-official-press-release-here-buttonPrince George’s County, Maryland, is the home of one of the most dynamic and ground-breaking public-private partnerships in the country. Prince George’s County and Corvias implemented the Clean Water Partnership (CWP) as the solution to its stormwater regulatory challenges.  The partnership, that includes dozens of private companies and the county government, has been created to alleviate storm water pollution.

clean-water-partnership-aed-world-corvius-and-prince-georges-countySurrounded by some of the most important waterways in the United States, Prince George’s County government recognized the need to manage stormwater pollution by preventing polluted water from getting into those waterways. AED, Inc., an engineering and technical services firm, has been brought in to handle the design of the outfall portion of county’s stormwater system.

Traditionally, stormwater has simply been allowed to flow directly into rivers, streams, and lakes. As population densities have increased, the amount of polluting chemicals, including oil, gas, paint, and other toxins, has increased. Prince George’s County’s leadership saw a need to stay ahead of regulations and protect the environment. Thus, the very first public/private partnership to handle stormwater runoff was born.

AED, Inc., under the leadership of Greg Moore and Reginald Waters, has been selected to design the outfall portion of the project. An outfall of a stormwater system is the element  that pours the treated stormwater into a body of water. Prince George’s County  has outfalls scattered throughout the county, and AED will be designing each of those.

Founder and Chairman Waters expressed his pride at having been chosen for this project.

“The Clean Water Partnership is a very significant project in Prince George’s County. AED is pleased to be working on the project as a county-based business; we are very excited to be supporting this project on the design side,” he said.

The project has attracted international attention as nations seek examples of cost-effective ways to handle stormwater runoff. Because of its unique nature, the first-of-its-kind partnership has attracted visitors from as far away as Korea to see how it works and how they might implement a similar program at home.

The entire project will involve dozens of firms, from design to construction to operation, and will span several decades to complete. By bringing in private companies to assist, the county is able to save money and spread expenses further than if the entire program were handled as a public works project.

President and CEO Moore commented about AED’s focus on customers and communities.

“We continue to position AED as a leading engineering and technical services firm focused on key customers and communities, to bring not only our capability and expertise to project stakeholders, but also to develop solutions to recurring engineering and environmental problems across the globe.”

AED,,  founded in 1991 is registered as an MBE and DBE – a certified MDOT MBE (05-428) and a Prince George’s County DBE firm recognized by the Supplier Development & Diversity Division (SDDD) as a certified County Based Business (CBBC-14-157).  We are headquartered in Hyattsville, MD. We have regional offices located in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and South Carolina. As well, we hold a GSA Consolidated Professional Engineering (PES), Environmental, and IT (70) Schedule GS-00F-0005T and possess a Top Secret Facility Clearance, Cage Code: 0VM93.

AED with its 60 employees is able to handle this and hundreds of other design projects for clients around the country and around the world.