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Department of TransportationU.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

  • 2M-SF headquarters for 4,000 employees
  • $10M in assets
  • End-to-end application development management solutions


Software Applicaitons

  • Fleet Management and Messenger Tracking software application on built on Microsoft’s .NET framework that encompasses integrated reporting and billing system capabilities.
  • Cenofleet will be utilized to manage and track DOT’s fleet of vehicles and driver and messenger services to improve workflow processes and customer service, save money, alleviate redundancy, and improve communicate across multiple programs.
  • Conference Scheduling Management and tracking software applications built on Microsoft’s .NET framework that encompasses an integrated reporting system capability.
  • Cenoscheduler will be utilized to manage and track DOT’s Conference Center to improve tracking and customer service, save money, and improve communicate on across multiple programs.

DHSsmCyber Experience

    Support 2008 – 2010
    Support 2008 – 2010

GIS Experience

AED led the development involving the creation a GIS system to maintain the large amount of property that the Airport owns and improve on the planning operations for the International airport. AED, prime contractor, provided field operations, inventory management, drawings and data collection for the development of the initial GIS system at the airport. AED also provided GIS consulting services to support application development and potential uses and datasets for inclusion in the GIS system. For this project, the deliverables

AED continued to provide support to GSP Management involving the re-creation a 1960s map, which involves all the current parcels that the Airport purchased over the years located in two counties, Greenville & Spartanburg counties. AED, prime contractor, provided drawings, creation of shape data for inclusion into the GSP web based GIS system. For this project, the deliverables included:

Work with both Greenville & Spartanburg counties to reconcile over 150 land parcels
Collaborate with the GSP GIS staff on the re-creation a 1960s map corresponding with land purchases
Improve upon the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawing and develop GIS shape files for inclusion of the GSP web-based GIS system Identify issues and provide recommendations on future GIS work