Greenville-SpartanburgAED’s continual exemplary support to the airport’s mission-critical operations has led AED to be selected for construction management of LEED-certified operations center at the airport.
All ratings were provided by Mr. Larry Holcombe, Deputy Director of GSP, 2000 GSP Drive, Suite 1, Greer, SC 29651 , (864) 848-6262/ (864) 275-4907, [email protected], project size: $1,500,000.



  • Recency

2006 – 2013

  • Relevancy

AED is the prime consultant for a five-year Master Contract with the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) to provide construction management, professional, scheduling, project management, and inspection services. AED serves as the Owner’s representative and resident inspector on all projects. AED recently completed 15 projects concurrently.

  • Quality

AED was awarded a superior rating of “10” for our “Ability to hire/apply a qualified workforce to this effort” and our “Ability to retain a qualified workforce on this effort” and for the “Effectiveness of assigned personnel in terms of the appropriate mix of education and experience to accomplish the requirement”. We received a “9” for our “Ability to understand/comply with customer objectives and technical requirements” and our “Adequacy/effectiveness of quality control program”.

  • Timely Performance

: In the following categories related to timely performance, Mr. Holcombe gave AED a superior rating of “10”: “Effectiveness of overall contract management (including ability to effectively lead, manage and control the program)”; “Timeliness/effectiveness of contract problem resolution without extensive customer guidance“; “Ability to successfully respond to emergency and/or surge situations”; “Ability to successfully respond to emergency and/or surge situations”; “Contractor’s history of reasonable and cooperative behavior and commitment to customer satisfaction”; “Did the Contractor exhibit business-like concern for the interest of the customer?”; and “Contractor ability to smoothly transition resources and personnel”.
AED received a “9” for: “Effectiveness of material management (including Government Furnished Property or Material)”; “Contractor proposed alternative methods/processes that reduced cost, improved maintainability or other factors that benefited the customer”; “Contractor implemented responsive/flexible processes to improve quality and timeliness of support”; “Contractor was reasonable and cooperative in dealing with your staff (including the ability to successfully resolve disagreements/disputes)”; “Record of conforming to contract requirements and to standards of good workmanship”; “Contractor’s adherence to contract schedules”; and “Contractor effectiveness on maintaining continuity of mission support while transitioning/phasing in resources and personnel to support other efforts”.

  • Cost Control

AED earned a superior rating of “10” for our “Accuracy in forecasting contract costs and our “Ability to meet forecasted costs and perform within contract costs”. AED earned a “9” for our “Ability to alert Government of unforeseen costs before they occur” and “our Sufficiency and timeliness of cost reporting”

  • Contractor’s Behavior

Mr. Holcombe wrote that AED’s strength on this contract was our “Dependability, keeping the owner informed of issues before a problem arises.”

  • Reference Satisfaction

When asked if he would “hire this contractor in the future to perform one of your critical and demanding programs?”, Mr. Holcombe said “Yes” he would.