Structural Engineering


AED is a full service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering firm with more than 20 years of experience and operates in more than 12 states. Our staff if comprised of Professionals Engineers, Certified LEED Professionals, Certified Energy Managers, and Registered Architects. Our project expertise is commercial, water/wastewater, educational, industrial, retail, hospitality, and healthcare facilities. Our services include commissioning, Electrical, Energy Analysis, Facility Assessments, Fire Protection, HVAC, Sustainable Design, commissioning, retro-commissioning, and Plumbing.

  • Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering includes analysis and design; new construction; renovations and additions; rehabilitation; foundations; retaining walls; building framing; structural steel; concrete; timber; masonry; trusses; cold formed steel framing; lateral systems; and seismic analysis.

  • Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering begins with an understanding of current and desired condition, LEED and energy efficient interests and mandates, and an exhaustive review of the follow on maintenance approach to assure the design is sustainable and economical. As an initial step with most jobs, we coordinate with utility company for class of service and incoming power. Beyond this our expertise includes: Building and site electrical, roadway and bridge and tunnel lighting; power distribution systems; special lighting for theaters, auditoriums, libraries, and museums; lighting control systems; LEED design; electrical rooms and electrical closets; site electrical for substations; transformers, and switchgear; panel boards; emergency generators; UPS; fire alarm systems; strobe lights; lightning protection and grounding systems; energy conservation analysis and design; data and communication systems; AV and sound systems; security systems; building commissioning.

  • Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering approach is designed around quality, educated and experienced staff. We stress continuing education and participation with the latest professional activities and associations. Our approach includes an emphasis on value engineering, maximizing resources, system life and availability. Through this analysis our recommendations maximize configuration and design of systems for the most effective maintenance. For sustainability we employ a Reliability Centered Maintenance program (RCM) and build similar into our designs as requested or utilized by our customer. Among our related experience we have: Site distribution systems for natural gas, POL, chilled water, medium temperature hot water and steam; Central Heating and Cooling Plants; geo-thermal systems; building HVAC systems & equipment (boilers, chillers, package systems, RTUs, AHU’s); building chilled water and hot water distribution systems; duct distribution systems; Constant Volume and VAV systems; clean air systems; sound control of mechanical systems & equipment; indoor air quality; HVAC control systems; energy conservation analysis & design; clean rooms; Wastewater Treatment Plants; LEED design; development of optional approaches to HVAC design based on Life Cycle Costing (LCC); condition inspection of HVAC systems and equipment to determine requirements for repair versus replacement; Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS) with Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) Systems; Building Automation Systems (BAS) with Bacnet; Building commissioning.

  • Plumbing Engineering

In a process similar to Mechanical Engineering, our plumbing staff has extensive, geographically diverse experience. Water systems, volumes and flows, and regulation vary dramatically by Region and State. Recognizing these variables is imperative to success among an expansive facility footprint. We have direct experience with Building plumbing systems and equipment; design of toilet rooms, shower and locker rooms; commercial kitchens, arenas and related sports facilities; concessions; ice rinks; recreation centers; natatoriums; hospitals; science teaching and research labs; and plumbing system commissioning. building fire suppression systems, wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems, standpipes, and fire pumps; LEED design; plumbing and fire protection system commissioning.

  • Fire Protection Engineering

Building plumbing systems and equipment; design of toilet rooms, shower and locker rooms; commercial kitchens, sports facilities, hospitals, and science labs; building fire suppression systems, wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems, standpipes, and fire pumps; plumbing and fire protection system commissioning

  • Energy Management and Audits

AED has been directly involved in the design of mechanical and electrical energy conservation measures for our clients. We were involved in one of the most significant design and construction management contracts ever awarded in the District of Columbia. The client was PEPCO and the Owner/User of the two projects sites (the D.C. Municipal Center and the Fourth District Police Headquarters) is the D.C. Government. The project was a pilot “demonstration” project funded by PEPCO on behalf of the D.C. Government to reduce energy consumption as well as energy costs (via PEPCO’s rebate program) the project had the overview of the Mayor of the City.
Energy Conservation Measures designed by AED (based on calculations, cost analysis, and value engineering) include the following:

  • New split system pumps, to allow shutdown of main HVAC system.
  • New split system heat pumps, to allow shutdown of main HVAC system
  • New Energy Management and Control System
  • Design of new recessed lighting for office areas 600,000sf utilizing (2) 32 watt T-8 fluorescent tubes per new fluorescent fixture, with low power electronic ballasts
  • Design of new HPS fixtures is garages
  • Design of retrofit lighting for fixture types designated to remain
  • Design of occupancy sensors
  • Design of energy efficient lobby lighting, stair lighting, toilet room lighting, exterior canopy lighting, and garage and parking lot lighting


  • Architectural Engineering

Architectural design including new facilities, interior renovations, exterior reconditioning and upgrades, building additions, space planning, accessibility compliance evaluations, historical studies, conceptual designs, contract documents, permitting and construction sets.



  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Civil
  • Structural – ADA
  • Fire Protection
  • Environmental
Professional and Technical Services
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory/Logistics
  • Facility Management and Operations
Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Geographic Information System – GIS
Acquisition/Program Management
National Security
  • Consolidated Schedule – GS-00F-0005T
  • Professional Engineering, Environmental, Information Technology Schedules
  • MOBIS Schedule – GS-10F-0213P
  • SeaPort-e-N00178-14-D-7149
  • Multi State Engineering Registrations
  • Certified Construction Managers (CMC)
  • Project Management Professionals (PMP)
  • Certified Energy Managers (CEM)
  • LEED ® Accredited Professionals
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