GSA Region 5AED provides continuous support to the GSA’s Great Lakes Region 5 (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) by providing detailed professional cost estimates supporting its ongoing capital program that includes renovations and expansions.
All ratings were provided by Ms. Natasha Wright, Supervisory General Engineer, GSA Region 5, 2300 S. Dearborn Street, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60604, (312) 886-1543/ (312) 886-9513, [email protected], project size: IDIQ/n.a.



  • Recency


  • Relevancy

AED is the prime consultant for this deliver order/task order contract and has completed 60 estimates, for projects ranging from $60,000-$12 million in construction costs. Our team coordinates with GSA in six states. Services we have provided include cost estimating, project management, value engineering, quality control review, and construction management conceptual estimate

  • Quality

AED earned a superior rating of “10” for our “effectiveness of assigned personnel in terms of the appropriate mix of education and experience to accomplish the requirement” and our “ability to retain a qualified workforce on this effort”. We received a rating of “9” for our “quality/effectiveness of sub-contracted efforts”, for the “effectiveness of overall contract management (including ability to effectively lead, manage and control the program” and for our “contractor implemented responsive/flexible processes to improve quality and timeliness of support”. Ms. Wright also noted that “AED provided constant communication during any awarded contract.”

  • Timely Performance

AED received a rating of “9” in the category of “contractor implemented responsive/flexible processes to improve quality and timeliness of support.”

  • Cost Control

AED received a superior rating of “10” in “proposed alternative methods/processes that reduced cost, improved maintainability or other factors that benefited the customer” and for our “ability to meet forecasted costs and perform within contract costs.” We received a “9” for our “ability to alert Government of unforeseen costs before they occur.” Ms. Wright wrote that “the contractor provided detailed line item cost estimates and any explanatory comments were germane to the project and topic.”

  • Contractor’s Behavior

The AED team received a superior rating of “10” for our “history of reasonable and cooperative behavior and commitment to customer satisfaction” and for exhibiting “business-like concern for the interest of the customer.” Ms. Wright noted that AED was “very cooperative when coordinating schedules for customer meetings. And would endeavor to meet changes in customer requests.”

  • Reference Satisfaction

When asked if she would hire AED again, she answered “Yes, the contractor utilizes all technological advances to ensure a completed deliverable. When changes in format were implemented by the GSA the contractor readily accepted and delivered the new format.”