Owner: Orange County, FL
Public Works Department
4200 Whitcomb Avenue

Client: Hunton Brady Architects
201 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 500
Orlando, FL 32801
Mr. Steve Bellflower, POC
Cost: $ 9 Million
Completion Date: 2005


DCUSA Mall- COLUMBIA HEIGHTSDC USA is a 546,000 square foot, three level shopping complex located in the Columbia Heights
section of Washington, DC. DC USA has two underground parking garages with a capacity to support up to a total of 1,000 vehicles. AED performed the following tasks to complete the survey:

  • Tenant Load Surveys – An electrical load survey of all tenants was conducted.
  • Power Meter Data Loggers –Power quality analyzers were utilized to measure and log of energy being consumed by each tenant.
  • Electric Bill Review – The past electric bills (24 months) as read off of the common meter were analyzed.
  • Report and recommendations – A report was written to summarize the above findings.