Owner: Orange County, FL
Public Works Department
4200 Whitcomb Avenue

Client: Hunton Brady Architects
201 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 500
Orlando, FL 32801
Mr. Steve Bellflower, POC
Cost: $ 9 Million
Completion Date: 2005


Magic Recreation Centers1We designed the plumbing with low flow fixtures for “green” friendly designation. A/C was designed to be provided through means of air cooled chiller. The main gymnasium is served by two VAV air handlers. The remaining spaces are served by one VAV unit with VAV boxes serving individual spaces for more flexible temperature control. CO2 monitors control the outside air so that as occupancy decreases so does the outside air in an effort to save energy consumption.
Energy efficiency lighting was designed to serve the indoor space with energy efficiency lighting designed for the outside building and parking areas.
The cost of this project is estimated to be $4 Million for each recreation center/gymnasium