GSA Hires AED to Perform Inventory & Condition Assessment of Agency Critical Systems & Assets

GSA hires AED, Inc to perform inventory and condition assessment of Agency critical systems and assets.
Under contract with GSA, AED is performing an exhaustive inventory and condition assessment of critical facility systems and assets for another major government agency. AED is identifying and inventory management softwareassessing the current inventory of over 25,000 system, and equipment items within the Washington DC area government agency headquarter facilities.

The result will be a comprehensive asset registry, complete detailed drawings and additional data sheets for electrical and mechanical rooms. The package has been prepared to populate the agencies CMMS system, improving the reliability and effectiveness of sustaining and preventative maintenance.

This isn’t the first time AED has had success with this type of service. It first developed an asset inventory management software for the Department of Transportation (DOT) to track barcodes and assess conditions as well as all preventative maintenance characteristics. AED is now taking that thought leadership and applying it to other agencies to help address their unique needs. The enhanced information will allow the agency to more effectively track its assets, their conditions and locations, and their operational and service status. As a result, the data provides an improved basis for the agency to make investment decisions regarding for capital improvements and continuation of service.
What this means to other companies that need help with asset inventory management
So what does this mean to AED and the companies that hire them to provide asset inventory assessment? “As an engineering firm, this is a unique opportunity for our clients and us,” says Greg Moore, CEO of AED, Inc. He notices a trend with agencies and commercial firms moving more to engineering-based, and preventative maintenance based processes for facilities and mission critical systems as opposed to run to failure (RTF) maintenance plans. As such, AED’s engineering team can make better assessments on the status and quality of systems, and they can work with their clients to make educated decisions on repair vs. replacement.

AED has worked for many premier federal agencies in the past, from NASA to the DOD, all of which have mission critical facilities and assets as well as systems that are required for national security. If those systems fail, they cause real pain to the client. AED assures those assets and systems that are critical to the outcome of the mission are repaired, replaced or maintained so inconvenient, dangerous, and destructive outages do not occur.

Who needs AED’s asset inventory management software?

“Anyone with s a significant facility footprint that they rely on a regular basis to achieve their mission,” says Moore. This could involve schools who depend on serving hot lunches to their students, or hospitals in need of backup generators to keep their patients comfortable, or even NASA’s clean rooms needed to house spacecraft. These are all systems where this monitoring and assessment would prove vital to the success of the mission.

Why Choose AED?
AED, a full-service engineering firm with 25 years of experience, specializes in providing quality engineering services for a wide range of clients. The goal is to provide a full scope of services to the client, rather than a single recommendation to solve one problem. Unlike traditional services contractors, AED brings an engineering discipline to any kind of maintenance or assessment, approaching each project with a systematic perspective as opposed to a unit assessment.

During a facility health investigation, AED engineering teams look at it as the whole body and not just as an element of a body. AED’s competitive advantage? Full scope of assessment.

Interested in partnering with AED to integrate an asset inventory management software? Our team brings a unique perspective and approach to any project. Check out other partnerships we’ve made on our In the News page to see the impacts we’ve made.